Fitting Your Bathroom with an Antique Vanity Unit & Bathroom Basin

Antique Vanity

If your home is one that is styled in a more old fashioned, antiqued design then you will probably be quite picky about each and every unit that your decide to purchase to add to your collection of home furniture and home fittings. This is not a bad thing of course and it is actually quite admirable and in fact a good thing, as it will certainly mean that your home is one that has a lot of character and also will most likely be quite unique in design and comfort.

Finding the right units for the bathroom can be quite a challenge in the older styled homes as they are not so much in demand as the more common or modern bathroom units and fittings and also they can be quite pricey and in many cases not worth the price tags that have been given to them. So you need to take time and give good attention to finding the items that are made well and have also aged well since the time they were first put together and fitted into the prior owner’s home.

bathroom basin in Antique Vanity

A more popular unit that can be a little less tricky to find when considering antiqued bathroom furniture is the bathroom vanity and basin units; you can find some really stunning, old and well-made bathroom vanity units in the UK furniture market and they will sometimes come with a basin or you will also be able to find a nice old styled vanity basin to complete the unit if it does not already come with one (or two if you a buying a larger vanity unit). The right vanity and basin bathroom unit can really complete ones bathroom and add a lot of character to it. Most units will also provide a good volume of storage space too, making them an efficient use of space and helping you to keep your bathroom uncluttered and clean. Some units will be wall-fitting units and others will be self-standing, if choosing the later of these options then you should ensure the feet of the unit at still solid and able to bear a weight that will come from the basin and heavy usage.

There are many antique and old furniture styled websites you can browse and also many high street stores in the UK. You should also go and search the numerous summer furniture flea markets that can provide some real gems. Happy hunting, hopefully you will find just the item you are looking for that will complete the perfect bathroom with lots of character and an antique style.