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Have You Ever Considered Thatching Your Roof?

thatching roof

Hopefully you will all know what I mean by having a thatched roof, although there may be some of you from the younger generations that are sat there scratching their heads in confusion – if this is the case then you can always go and ask Google as you will certainly find your answer there. Anyway, roof thatching was a thing more popular in the past and nowadays is only really found among housing and property located in the countryside. Very rarely will you now find homes with thatched roofs in the inner-big cities. It is a shame really because they do tend to look much nicer than your common slated roof and they bring lots more character to a home.

Many people have the wrong idea that homes with Thatched roofs are more susceptible to suffering from water leaks or more prone to catching on fire in the case of there being some sort of electrical or other type of fire related error – but this is really not the truth and a properly fitted and thatched roof will have been treated with protective layers to make them both water resistant and fire retardant. Another miss informed thought about thatched roofs is that they will need fixing and re-working too frequently and so they are an inefficient way of protecting your home from the outdoors. However this is also just misguided information, because in actual fact, a thatched roof, if done properly by a skilled professional, should last the homeowner a good 50-70 years before requiring any replacements. The roof ridge however would likely need attention and perhaps replacing every 8 – 10 years.

thatching roof

Thatching a roof is a skill that really needs to be kept alive as it is part of the UK character and as mentioned before, it looks so nice if done right. Also it is environmentally friendly as it is totally made up from dried vegetation – like straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, heather palm fronds and more. Fortunately there are still a good number of skilled thatcher’s working in the UK, but will their young ones take on the family tradition? Only time will tell! I hope so.

Storage Solutions Are Important For Your Home Comfort

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If you are like me and you tend to have a problem with throwing anything away, even if it is a dated item of clothing, an old magazine, or broken bit of equipment, then you will understand and appreciate the problem of living in a room or house that is full of clutter & understand the feeling that this type of mess can leave you with. It can be difficult to truly relax at home when you have items all over the place that cramp each room, getting in the way whenever you are moving from one place to another. So really, it is quite important for your mental wellbeing to invest in some kind of home storage solutions that can assist you with clearing the most of this clutter away, hidden out of sight and thus, out of mind. You may be someone that is a little lazy and has been avoiding this clear-up because of the thought of it taking much time and effort, but in reality, after you get started it really does not need to take much time at all, nor does it take much effort – it is just the getting started bit that requires a bit of drive and motivation (which should actually come from the desire to be able to sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening in your own home).

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What Should You Be Looking For in A Good Storage Solution?

It really depends on what you can afford that will determine the type of storage you should be considering for your home and of course as with most things in life, the more you spend, the better quality/better looking storage solutions you will be able to acquire. Trunks can be great as they offer loads of space and at the same time, they can look interesting and add character to your home. For example a nice oak storage trunk would look great in the living room and it will also be somewhere that you can quickly move a lot of your clutter into – all in one place. If you are a bit strapped for cash at the time of going through the cleaning up of home clutter, then you can always opt for cheap plastic, stackable storage bins/containers that you can purchase from numerous home improvement shops around the country, they even sell them at my local corner shop. These containers may not look so great, but they are a way of quickly being able to hide away a great deal of clutter that can then neatly be stacked out of the way in the corner of one of your less frequented rooms.

If you are suffering from having a very cluttered home then do yourself a favour and start clearing up today! Choose one of the options as recommended above and spend a day, or an afternoon going through your home, chucking any unused items into your storage solutions. When you are done you will be so happy with the result and you might even be confident enough to start inviting friends and family over for lunch.