Bringing Your Bathroom Up To Scratch With A New Oak Vanity & Basin Unit

Oak Vanity & Basin Unit

Within the previous post we discussed the details of fitting a bathroom with an old styled or antique vanity unit. We talked about the challenges, the pros the cons and variety of options that one might be faced with if searching the UK bathroom furniture market for such an item. So in keeping with the same line of discussion but bringing it slightly up to date, I thought I would discuss planning, searching and choosing a more modern day, more popular style of bathroom vanity unit and basin combination to fit into a bathroom. The reason why I wanted to talk about these more modern, but still not ultra-modern bathroom vanity and basin units, is because I think it is important to bring the idea to everyone’s attention that sometimes you needn’t go through the whole process of an entire bathroom re-design or entire bathroom renovation just because you are tired of the look and feel of your current bathroom; sometimes the right new bathroom vanity unit and vanity basin combination can be enough to really bring a bathroom back to life and add the spark that was missing before. This can perhaps save a lot of you a lot of time and money, which would certainly be a very good thing so this is why I wanted to make some noise about it.


I know the feeling very well when you are fed up with the design and character of a certain room of your home and for some reason I have always especially found that I get tired of bathrooms faster than any other room – perhaps because they wear and get old faster than most rooms. However, the last time I was feeling this way about a certain bathroom at home and was about to go ahead with stripping it out and starting again, I happened to come across a stylish, solid oak vanity unit that had a golden onyx top and a black quartz basin sitting on top of that. The unit was not a double vanity unit, but also was not a small compact unit, it was somewhere in-between, so it offered quite a large amount of space either side of the basin for placing various items you will usually keep near your sink. The golden onyx top came with a backlight fitted underneath, which was the perfect finishing touch to the perfect bathroom unit. When turning on the backlight under the golden onyx topped vanity unit, the light would make the top glow with a nice and warm golden honey shade of light. The black quartz basin was the perfect contrast to the golden honey onyx too, and lastly there was a chromed mixer tap that looks fantastic. So I ended up investing in this bathroom vanity and basin unit and replaced my current one with this new one and that was all I needed to do to add the life back into my bathroom that was required to make me happy with it again.

So, don’t be so fast to head straight into an expensive bathroom renovation when you also might be able to save yourself a great deal of hard earned money and precious time by finding the right bathroom vanity unit for you.