Bringing Your Bathroom Up To Scratch With A New Oak Vanity & Basin Unit

Oak Vanity & Basin Unit

Within the previous post we discussed the details of fitting a bathroom with an old styled or antique vanity unit. We talked about the challenges, the pros the cons and variety of options that one might be faced with if searching the UK bathroom furniture market for such an item. So in keeping with the same line of discussion but bringing it slightly up to date, I thought I would discuss planning, searching and choosing a more modern day, more popular style of bathroom vanity unit and basin combination to fit into a bathroom. The reason why I wanted to talk about these more modern, but still not ultra-modern bathroom vanity and basin units, is because I think it is important to bring the idea to everyone’s attention that sometimes you needn’t go through the whole process of an entire bathroom re-design or entire bathroom renovation just because you are tired of the look and feel of your current bathroom; sometimes the right new bathroom vanity unit and vanity basin combination can be enough to really bring a bathroom back to life and add the spark that was missing before. This can perhaps save a lot of you a lot of time and money, which would certainly be a very good thing so this is why I wanted to make some noise about it.


I know the feeling very well when you are fed up with the design and character of a certain room of your home and for some reason I have always especially found that I get tired of bathrooms faster than any other room – perhaps because they wear and get old faster than most rooms. However, the last time I was feeling this way about a certain bathroom at home and was about to go ahead with stripping it out and starting again, I happened to come across a stylish, solid oak vanity unit that had a golden onyx top and a black quartz basin sitting on top of that. The unit was not a double vanity unit, but also was not a small compact unit, it was somewhere in-between, so it offered quite a large amount of space either side of the basin for placing various items you will usually keep near your sink. The golden onyx top came with a backlight fitted underneath, which was the perfect finishing touch to the perfect bathroom unit. When turning on the backlight under the golden onyx topped vanity unit, the light would make the top glow with a nice and warm golden honey shade of light. The black quartz basin was the perfect contrast to the golden honey onyx too, and lastly there was a chromed mixer tap that looks fantastic. So I ended up investing in this bathroom vanity and basin unit and replaced my current one with this new one and that was all I needed to do to add the life back into my bathroom that was required to make me happy with it again.

So, don’t be so fast to head straight into an expensive bathroom renovation when you also might be able to save yourself a great deal of hard earned money and precious time by finding the right bathroom vanity unit for you.

Fitting Your Bathroom with an Antique Vanity Unit & Bathroom Basin

Antique Vanity

If your home is one that is styled in a more old fashioned, antiqued design then you will probably be quite picky about each and every unit that your decide to purchase to add to your collection of home furniture and home fittings. This is not a bad thing of course and it is actually quite admirable and in fact a good thing, as it will certainly mean that your home is one that has a lot of character and also will most likely be quite unique in design and comfort.

Finding the right units for the bathroom can be quite a challenge in the older styled homes as they are not so much in demand as the more common or modern bathroom units and fittings and also they can be quite pricey and in many cases not worth the price tags that have been given to them. So you need to take time and give good attention to finding the items that are made well and have also aged well since the time they were first put together and fitted into the prior owner’s home.

bathroom basin in Antique Vanity

A more popular unit that can be a little less tricky to find when considering antiqued bathroom furniture is the bathroom vanity and basin units; you can find some really stunning, old and well-made bathroom vanity units in the UK furniture market and they will sometimes come with a basin or you will also be able to find a nice old styled vanity basin to complete the unit if it does not already come with one (or two if you a buying a larger vanity unit). The right vanity and basin bathroom unit can really complete ones bathroom and add a lot of character to it. Most units will also provide a good volume of storage space too, making them an efficient use of space and helping you to keep your bathroom uncluttered and clean. Some units will be wall-fitting units and others will be self-standing, if choosing the later of these options then you should ensure the feet of the unit at still solid and able to bear a weight that will come from the basin and heavy usage.

There are many antique and old furniture styled websites you can browse and also many high street stores in the UK. You should also go and search the numerous summer furniture flea markets that can provide some real gems. Happy hunting, hopefully you will find just the item you are looking for that will complete the perfect bathroom with lots of character and an antique style.

Have You Ever Considered Thatching Your Roof?

thatching roof

Hopefully you will all know what I mean by having a thatched roof, although there may be some of you from the younger generations that are sat there scratching their heads in confusion – if this is the case then you can always go and ask Google as you will certainly find your answer there. Anyway, roof thatching was a thing more popular in the past and nowadays is only really found among housing and property located in the countryside. Very rarely will you now find homes with thatched roofs in the inner-big cities. It is a shame really because they do tend to look much nicer than your common slated roof and they bring lots more character to a home.

Many people have the wrong idea that homes with Thatched roofs are more susceptible to suffering from water leaks or more prone to catching on fire in the case of there being some sort of electrical or other type of fire related error – but this is really not the truth and a properly fitted and thatched roof will have been treated with protective layers to make them both water resistant and fire retardant. Another miss informed thought about thatched roofs is that they will need fixing and re-working too frequently and so they are an inefficient way of protecting your home from the outdoors. However this is also just misguided information, because in actual fact, a thatched roof, if done properly by a skilled professional, should last the homeowner a good 50-70 years before requiring any replacements. The roof ridge however would likely need attention and perhaps replacing every 8 – 10 years.

thatching roof

Thatching a roof is a skill that really needs to be kept alive as it is part of the UK character and as mentioned before, it looks so nice if done right. Also it is environmentally friendly as it is totally made up from dried vegetation – like straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, heather palm fronds and more. Fortunately there are still a good number of skilled thatcher’s working in the UK, but will their young ones take on the family tradition? Only time will tell! I hope so.

Bring Your Old, Dated Furniture Back to Life

Bring Your Old, Dated Furniture Back to Life

There are various techniques and handy tricks and tips for helping in revitalizing furniture units or home fittings. It is certainly worth spending a little time to have a go at making some small changes to your home units before making the final decision to get rid of them in one way or another. It is very costly to go out and start buying yourself new furniture units and other fittings you might need after getting rid of the old, so you need to do what you can to really limit the amount of furniture that you are going to need to replace. There are ways to bring old, worn looking furniture units and countertops back to life, giving them a more modernized look or finding ways to cover over and support any cracked, torn or worn surfaces and fittings.  Have a read of some of our suggestions below that will hopefully help you come up with ideas for how you will work on certain units and pieces that previously you had written off for being bound for the rubbish dump.

Bring Your Old, Dated Furniture Back to Life

1.) Rubbing Mayonnaise into aged, dated & stained wooden furniture units; really applying it to any wooden surface on any unit and leaving for roughly an hour then wiping back off to get rid of the excess mayonnaise and avoid filling your room with a vinegary smell. The end result will be a table surface that had once been looking dry and covered in stains from various spillages and water marks, to eventually looking fresh and solid and without any stains, or very faint stains, depending on the type of stain in the first place. So, for example, by using Mayonnaise you will have cleaned up a coffee tables surface to give it an almost new look and feel, so negating the need to throw it away.

2.) For any countertops that are looking so used and abused that they have reached the end of their life, you actually have one more way to extend its stay in your home. Try skim coating the laminate worktops with the thin layer of concrete which is purposefully developed for this specific type of use. You will hopefully end up with new looking worktops and not have to spend a large amount replacing them.

3.) A fun way to add some life back into chairs, sofas, stool and cabinets (actually anything that might have some legs on it) is by adding some different colours to them, or even being a little more creative and adding some coloured patterns to the legs. You will be surprised by how much of a difference it can make to certain items and entire rooms by just changing up the colours of the legs.

There are of course many other ways you can try that will also help to refresh and refurbish old looking units and fittings, so be sure to do your research online before chucking anything out.

Add Class and Character To Your Home with a Grandfather Clock

Add Class and Character To Your Home with a Grandfather Clock

I am sure that many of your will be familiar with Grandfather clocks and as I did you may have once had one in your home, perhaps during growing up and living with your parents. Grandfather clocks used to be common place in many homes across the UK and they came in many different sizes and of differing qualities. Some Grandfather clocks would cost you a small fortune, while others would have been affordable more even the most working class families. Although they certainly are aesthetically pleasant on the eye and were once a unit found in most homes in the UK, they almost disappeared entirely over the past few generations and where in the past there would have been a Grandfather clock, now there would be a wall hung clock face, most of the time in a rather cheap and tacky plastic frame. The only Grandfather clocks that remained in people’s homes where the antiques from many years ago, which meant that many would no longer keep the time or function to any degree, and also they would cost a fortune to anyone wanting to buy one to place in their new home.

Add Class and Character To Your Home with a Grandfather Clock

Many people do now want these stylish home furniture items from the past, perhaps because they just look wonderful, or maybe to remind them of past years and more peaceful, stress free years of their lives, when they were just young soles living in their parents homes and doing pretty much whatever came to mind. So since the demand for Grandfather Clocks slowly crept back into the UK, the supply too has started to grow, to accommodate the consistently growing demand. If you now search online for modern Grandfather Clocks, you will be pleasantly surprised by the numerous online website shops that are stocking and selling a variety of fantastic looking clocks, again ranging in price and size. Some will be made to very closely & accurately resemble the Clocks from old England. However there are other Grandfather Clocks that have a new contemporary look and feel to them, while also maintaining all the style, character & class the Clocks from the past had in abundance. So if you want to buy a Grandfather Clock of your own, then I wish you some happy shopping as you will find that you are spoilt for choice; just be careful not to buy two or more.

Old Furniture Units and Designs That Should Make a Comeback

Old Furniture Units and Designs That Should Make a Comeback

I am sure you will have heard someone, probably an elder, make the statement that the furniture selling in the shops these days is cheap and tacky in comparison to what was being sold a few generations ago; the furniture that was being made before the introduction of the large factories and the machinery that took over what would have once been made by hand. The point that they will have been trying to make is for the most part an accurate one, and one that most people will logically be in agreement with. Like with so many things, furniture that was being made by hand and at small family owned companies was made by someone who had a passion for what they were doing. The time and care that will have been applied to crafting each of the units of a collection being sold at one of those small family owned furniture stores of the past is what would set those old units of furniture far apart from the modern machine made units of today.

Old Furniture Units and Designs That Should Make a Comeback

There are many units of the past that I would really love to see more of in today’s furniture market in the UK as I do have a taste for the older styled furniture designs rather than the many new styles and designs that are making up much of what is being stocked and sold across the majority of furniture websites, as well as the high-street home furniture stores. There is now a real demand for contemporary, modern and industrial themed furniture ranges, with sharp, clean edging and synthetic colours. I have to admit though, that even though I have a more mature taste when it comes to furniture, I still am often coming across new, innovative seating and table designs that are very interesting and attractive. However, even when I am presented with a aesthetically beautifully designed living room/coffee table from one of the modern furniture collections, I never end up buying any of it, because it just would look so out of place when I come to trying to fit it in back at my place, which is totally furnished with a collection of hand-made hardwood units, that all share the characteristics of furniture being made pre-industrial revolution.

Two units from the past that I am especially fond of, that I have noticed creeping back into fashion which is great, are four-poster beds and home bars. The four-poster bed is a unit most of you are likely familiar with, but the home bars, in case you are wondering, also make for the perfect place to store your collection of spirits and liquors as most bars will come with a built in drinks cabinet. Have a look around for these two types of furniture units now if you are interested, and I am confident you will like what you see. Perhaps you will like these ideas so much, that you will soon be the proud owner of your own home-bar and elegant, classy, four poster bed.

Making Furniture out of Skateboards

Making Furniture out of Skateboards

Skateboards can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. It is quite a challenge to be able to perform on a skateboard and the enthusiasts have to spend many hours and years mastering certain skills and tricks. So many people go out and buy themselves skateboards with the dream of becoming a master of the sport, yet they soon lose interest and after not too long the skateboard gets neglected and is forgotten about, ending up as clutter in one’s garage or loft, or some other alternative storage solution. If you are one of these people as I am and you have a skateboard or two hidden away somewhere in your home or garden then you might like the idea of making use of it again, but this time re-purposing your skateboard to be in the style of some kind of home decoration or furnishing. Of course you can come up with your own ideas for this and perhaps you already have, and have been using the skateboard for something else around your home. If you have not already come up with this fun idea and your skateboard still remains in the dark depths of some storage space, then you should have a read of the below suggestions that we have come up with and maybe they will help to spark some ideas for you to work on with yours.

The first idea for how to re-use your skateboard is to remove the wheels and use the plank as the platform for a swing. This could be an indoor or an outdoor swing, depending on your available space and suitable hanging locations; if you have not got any trees in your garden, then you will not be able to hang a swing. Anyway, to make this idea a reality you just need to drill four holes into the skateboard, 2 at each end for threading some thick ropes through. Once you have drilled the holes, you then need to get yourself a thick rope of some sort that is durable and quite lengthy. You will need a rope for either end of the skateboard. After threading the ropes through the skateboard holes you next need to find somewhere to hang it, just be careful if choosing to hang the skateboard inside that you use a ceiling that can bare the weight, or first of all attached a bracket to the ceiling to help with the pressure the swinging will be putting on it.

Making Furniture out of Skateboards

Another use for your skateboard is as a top surface of a stool, small seat. You will need to have some knowledge and skills in carpentry to do a good job with this, however it is not going to be the most complicated piece of furniture, so you should be able to get the job done with even very beginner carpentry skills. You will need to find or make something to use as the leg/s of your stool and then come up with a way of attaching the legs to the skateboard plank so that the end result is a stool that is solid and able to withstand quite a substantial volume of weight.

Our last idea for you to consider is using the skateboard as a bicycle storage rack, perhaps near the front of your home. You would need to screw the skateboard plank into the wall and attach a couple of metal or wooden legs to it to help hold the bicycle in place. When finished you will have a convenient place to store your bike, it will also look very trendy and original.

Vintage Styled Furniture Is Making A Comeback

Vintage Styled Furniture Is Making A Comeback

If you are like me and you care a lot about each unit of furniture in your proudly owned home, then you will be pleased to hear and see that much furniture styled from the past are now making a comeback and becoming more readily available at high-street stores as well as quality furniture websites that you will find while searching online. If you are not someone that is in the know about older furniture styles and trends then you be pleased to find out that the furniture manufacturers used to take a lot more care and give far more attention to creating pieces that would add character and style to the owners properties, while also being crafted to such a quality that they remained in-tact and looking great for many years. The materials used and workmanship applied to furniture of the past was just of another class entirely; there was a lot more hard-wood  used and then metals like brass and copper & iron, which you just don’t find in today’s IKEA-like, put DIY furniture. Much of the furniture you find in the modern market, unfortunately just doesn’t last and can look really cheap and tacky after just a number of months, and although these items found in the shops today can be bought at a much cheaper unit price that those of the past, in the long-term you will end up having to spend more, because of needing to replace your items time and time again.

Vintage Styled Furniture Is Making A Comeback

Some of the items you should look out for, that I am confident you will be interested in due to their attractive designs and efficient uses of space are units such as the old styled ‘SMEG’ kitchen fridge, heavy hard-wood home desk, brass framed double beds, large double mirrored wardrobes and a favourite for me that will add character to any room of any home, it the storage trunk, or during my childhood it was definitely called the ‘Toy Trunk’. The trunks come in various hard-woods and some metals and should most of the time be reasonably priced.

What Makes Mobel Oak Such A Popular Range of Home Furniture

mobel oak furniture

If you have an interest in home furniture, or perhaps have relatively recently been buying furniture for a new home/renovated home, you will probably be aware of various ranges of home furniture products that each have their own signature features and designs. There are actually lots of ranges of home furniture in today’s UK furniture market as there is such a wide variety of cultures and tastes to cater for. So, there is likely  something to cater for all the different tastes that potential buyers have, and if you look long and hard enough, you will almost certainly find the perfect items to suit your specific preferences.

Many home owners will have their own favourite range or ranges of home furniture and so whenever they are out looking for the next item to add to their proudly owned home, they will start their search by finding out which local shops stock and sell the respective range/s that they favour. There is also evidence online of this new trend of how people shop for home furniture – certain tools that keep online records of what people are searching for within the major search engines show that queries being made for the different range names have been consistently increasing over the past 5 + years. The increase is not only because of there being more users on the world wide web, because these differences have been taken into account while research into this topic was being carried out. One range in particular stood out from the rest of the pack, which is a clear indication of it being the home furniture range that is most popular with UK home owners – The range identified as being the UK’s favourite range of home furniture is the Mobel Oak Home Furniture Range.

mobel oak furniture

It is no wonder why the Mobel Oak range is so popular, as it boasts a collection of wonderfully crafted, solid items for almost every room that a home might have, and within the range you will also notice various different finishing styles that have been developed. For example some of the dining room furniture is completed with fabric coverings, while the storage units are crafted from solid oak without any veneers whatsoever. Another quality that you can rely on when purchasing Mobel Oak furniture, is that of durability; the items are so well made that they will literally last you a life time, as long as you are not mistreating them.

So, if you are not sure about what furniture to invest in for your new home, then you should probably opt for something from the Mobel Oak range as a solid, safe bet.

Storage Solutions Are Important For Your Home Comfort

home decoration

If you are like me and you tend to have a problem with throwing anything away, even if it is a dated item of clothing, an old magazine, or broken bit of equipment, then you will understand and appreciate the problem of living in a room or house that is full of clutter & understand the feeling that this type of mess can leave you with. It can be difficult to truly relax at home when you have items all over the place that cramp each room, getting in the way whenever you are moving from one place to another. So really, it is quite important for your mental wellbeing to invest in some kind of home storage solutions that can assist you with clearing the most of this clutter away, hidden out of sight and thus, out of mind. You may be someone that is a little lazy and has been avoiding this clear-up because of the thought of it taking much time and effort, but in reality, after you get started it really does not need to take much time at all, nor does it take much effort – it is just the getting started bit that requires a bit of drive and motivation (which should actually come from the desire to be able to sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening in your own home).

storage stuff in home

What Should You Be Looking For in A Good Storage Solution?

It really depends on what you can afford that will determine the type of storage you should be considering for your home and of course as with most things in life, the more you spend, the better quality/better looking storage solutions you will be able to acquire. Trunks can be great as they offer loads of space and at the same time, they can look interesting and add character to your home. For example a nice oak storage trunk would look great in the living room and it will also be somewhere that you can quickly move a lot of your clutter into – all in one place. If you are a bit strapped for cash at the time of going through the cleaning up of home clutter, then you can always opt for cheap plastic, stackable storage bins/containers that you can purchase from numerous home improvement shops around the country, they even sell them at my local corner shop. These containers may not look so great, but they are a way of quickly being able to hide away a great deal of clutter that can then neatly be stacked out of the way in the corner of one of your less frequented rooms.

If you are suffering from having a very cluttered home then do yourself a favour and start clearing up today! Choose one of the options as recommended above and spend a day, or an afternoon going through your home, chucking any unused items into your storage solutions. When you are done you will be so happy with the result and you might even be confident enough to start inviting friends and family over for lunch.